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Benefits of Structural Timber

The Benefits of Building with Structural Timber

15 September 2016

Are you building, renovating, extending or upgrading your home? If you are, you’ll know that there are plenty of things to consider. From plans to budgets, materials to time management, you might just find your head swimming!

When it comes to construction materials and fencing supplies, it can be hard to decide what you should use. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the benefits of building, renovating and extending with structural timber.

Eco-Friendly and Renewable

Most types of timber can be renewably harvested and there are many plantations that are dedicated to timber production.

These plantations are harvested with sustainability in mind. This means that structural timbers will have a low carbon footprint and your project will too. It takes very little energy to convert the wood into timber that is used for building. It’s actually the lowest energy expense of all construction materials!

100% Natural

Structural timber is a completely natural product. While some may choose to build with plastics and other polymer compounds, these run the risk of leaking chemical fumes into the building.

They can also be unsafe to handle and work with. Timber is safe to handle, touch and work with. Also, because it’s all natural, it will age naturally. This means it won’t cause any damage to your property or the environment.

Excellent Insulation!

Timber is a great source of insulation. It reduces the amount of energy used to both heat and cool your building. This is a bonus for two reasons, the first being that you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bill. Think of what you could do with those extra saved dollars.

The second advantage is that you’ll use less energy to control the climate of your home or business!

Widely Available

Structural timber is a widely available product. It’s often produced locally, too, meaning you are putting your dollars into the local economy. It also means that you won’t be waiting around for materials. Your structural timber is literally just around the corner.

Great for Frames and Beams

Structural timber and engineered timber are both great choices when it comes to building frames and beams. These engineered timber beams are versatile, lightweight and are a breeze to install and work with. They provide an exceptional alternative to structural steel.

Good for Decking Too

What’s a good home without some decking to relax on during those long summer evenings? Structural timber is a perfect choice for decking timber, and it is usually available at good prices.

Easy to Work with

Timber is a durable yet versatile building material and it can get used in many creative ways. It’s also light, easy to install and you don’t need complex equipment to use it.

Looking for a Quote on Some Structural Timber?

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