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Timber for Your Project

Know about the Right Type of Timber for Your Next Building Project

1 April 2015

The Timber industry in Queensland is always growing, which means that more commercial enterprises are becoming more discerning about the type of timber that they choose for their latest building project. By getting to know the different species of wood, you can save time and money by selecting the perfect solution for your needs.

If you’re in the market for a new hardwood pergola or deck, you can find what you need by considering the right species of timber for your work.

Blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis)

This common tree yields a smooth white bark that can be refined and regrown easily, making it a very economic asset for the Australian timber industry. While its bark is strong, the timber itself is versatile enough to be reshaped into a variety of applications, ideal for internal flooring, decking, plywood and furniture, due to the high shrinkage rate of the timber.

Grey Box (Eucalyptus woollsiani)

Both termite-resistant and rated at 1G Durability Class 1, few timber species have the same high density as Grey Box. This native timber has a shrinkage of 4 per cent which makes it fantastic for heavy engineering construction, piles, poles and flooring.

Cypress (Callitrus glaucophylla)

Originally known nationwide as cypress-pine, this type of hardwood isn’t as tough or as dense as other species, but it does offer termite resistance and low shrinkage in turn. However, it does mean cypress wood is cheaper and a cost-effective choice for above-ground framing, cladding and internal uses only.

Spotted Gum (Corymbia maculata)

A large hardwood tree found in forests across Queensland and New South Wales, Spotted Gum is well-known in the timber industry. This hard and durable hardwood durability class 2. It’s ideal for flooring, axe handles, decking, ship building, cladding and external joinery.

Woollyybutt (Eucalyptus Longifolia)

A large hardwood of coastal New South Wales, with a medium textured red heartwood it has a 10 per cent shrinkage. Even though it has a high durability its shrinkage can cause uneven decks, structures or retaining walls.

The cheapest kinds of wood do not always deliver the best quality. However, with suppliers like Sunstate Timber, you can find the right hardwood for your project at competitive prices, with quality guaranteed.

Merbau (also known as Kwila, Ipil and Vesi)

Merbau is a popular hardwood timber that originates from many countries including the Johnstone River and Daintree areas of North Queensland, Australia. It has a Heartwood yellowish-brown colour when first cut, turning darker with age until it reaches a deep brown, almost reddish colour.

Its dry and hard which makes it ideal for flooring, decking, panelling, window joinery and furniture.

Need Hardwood Timber for Your Next Project?

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