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Forest Friendly?

What Is Forest Friendly Timber?

28 April 2016

When it comes to building materials, timber is one of the most commonly used, environmentally friendly and truly renewable resource choices. However, we can only continue to use timber as an eco-friendly solution if we practice the sustainable management of forests.

According to, “Forest friendly timber is sourced in an environmentally sustainable manner.” Old practices for timber collection are being used less and less; however, these need to stop altogether. Let’s learn more about sourcing timber, and the steps that we should all be taking.

How Do You Find Forest Friendly Timber?

Also known as “good wood,” you can find this resource as either recycled or reclaimed wood or as plantation-grown timber, making it truly renewable. There are many lumber companies around Brisbane and Australia that source their timber from sustainable and eco-friendly plantations.

Why Should We Use Good Wood?

If we want to be able to use this amazing resource in the future, it is pertinent that we develop an ecologically sustainable timber industry. This not only affects our future generations, it also affects the animals and habitats that are destroyed during deforestation.

Benefits of Using Plantation Timber

Nearly 50 percent of all of Australia’s sawlogs are now coming from plantations. This number should only increase in the next generations as we make the timber industry a truly sustainable and renewable one. There are a number of benefits to using plantation timber. Find some of them listed below:

  • More plantation use means less deforestation of ancient forests and rainforests that need to be conserved.
  • Less deforestation leads to less habitat destruction.
  • Plantations, offering thousands of trees in a controlled space, are responsible for major carbon recycling. Timber and wood in general can store carbon for long periods of time, so the more we produce, the more we can recycle.
  • Renewed ability to restore environmental value to cleared lands, such as preventing soil erosion, providing habitat for native wildlife and providing wind protection for soil, crops and livestock, among many others.

The Problem With Deforestation

If you’re not already convinced that you should buy timber with the environment in mind, read on to learn about some of the dangerous and harmful effects of deforestation.

  • Climate change – caused by increased carbon emissions into the environment and decreased oxygen production.
  • Soil erosion – caused by less tree roots that provide soil with an anchor against wind or water. This, in turn, causes nutrient-rich topsoil to be eroded and subsequent problems with vegetation growth.
  • Loss of species – caused by the destruction of their habitats.
  • Poor water cycle – caused by trees producing less water vapour and absorbing less rainfall. Deforestation also causes pollution to run off into water supplies.

We must be ever conscious of the effects that we have on the environment, and that includes our choices for timber in all of our building projects.

Looking for Forest Friendly Timber in Brisbane?

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