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Timber I-Beams


I-joists, I-beams are also known as H-beams because of their distinctive shape, flanged ends and straight middle sections. They resemble a letter “I” when placed on their edge. This unique design enables I-joists to provide a high degree of strength, making them ideal support trusses for all types of building projects.-


A breakthrough in building technology, laminated beams are made from thin slices of precisely engineered timbers that are tightly compressed together and fixed in place with an adhesive. This not only increases the strength and load bearing aspects of the beam, it also makes it more versatile and lightweight. Used for decorative and structural purposes, laminated engineered wood provides a real alternative to structured steel. The laminated beams from Sunstate Timbers are available with or without termite treatments.

Engineered Timber Beams in Queensland

LVL beams

LVL stands for ‘laminated veneer lumber’. Lightweight and incredibly versatile, LVL beams are perfect for a variety of uses throughout the home. Due to their ability to withstand warping, LVL timber products are typically used for rafters, structural beams and other load bearing applications.

Glue Laminated

Glue laminated timber, or 'GluLam' for short, has given architects and engineers new options for building stunning timber structures. By layering and bonding together a number of pieces of timber, one larger and stronger structural member is created. These can be used as vertical columns or horizontal beams as well as curved, arched shapes – meeting your varied needs.

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