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Timber for Floors

Choosing The Right Timber For Your Floors

28 April 2016

Nothing compares to a home with lovely hardwood floors. The warmth and elegance that is achieved with this look cannot be beaten by carpet, tiles, or other flooring options.

If you are building a new home or plan to lay some timber floors, there are a few variables that you’ll want to consider before you make your move. After all, timber flooring is truly an investment for your home for years to come. So what should you be thinking about when it’s time to shop for timber floors, and what should you talk about with your wood supplier?

What Are Your Requirements?

Think about your lifestyle and the people who live in your house. Do you have babies or small children crawling around who will require warm and gentle wood? Do you need a wood that’s quiet to walk on, or do you want enhanced strength? Maybe you’re interested in laying wood in your bathroom and are worried about water. Talk over all of this with a timber specialist before you make any decisions. They will advise you on the best options for safety, comfort and longevity.

Where is the Timber Going?

Take the time to think about how you’ll use the space where your new floors are being installed. If the timber flooring is going into a high traffic area, you’ll want to opt for the most durable type of wood, and one that doesn’t scuff easily. Bamboo, Tallowwood and Red Ironbark are the best for high traffic areas, whereas Bluegum is mildly durable and suitable for areas that you may not tread on often.

Will It Match with the Rest of Your Decor?

You want your wood to match the rest of the furnishings of your house. For example, if you want a relaxed and contemporary setting, Blackbutt’s colouring ranges from cream to pale brown, sometimes with a touch of pink. However, in a more traditional and cosy sitting room, you might consider Jarrah for its rich red colour that deepens to burgundy.

Where is the Timber From?

When you are choosing a wood floor source, make sure to ask your supplier where the wood comes from. If they don’t know, don’t use them. What you should be looking for is a company that either sources from recycled timber or eco-friendly sustainable plantations in Australia. It’s important to make responsible choices when it comes to our use of wood.

DIY or Hiring Someone?

If you are hiring someone to install your wood floors, they should have the expertise to install whatever flooring you choose. However, if this is a DIY home project, timber flooring in tongue and groove configurations are easy enough to install on your own.

Is the Price Right?

At the end of the day, the timber flooring you choose needs to be within your budget while meeting all of your requirements. Shop around until you find the right price.

Need Timber Supplies in Brisbane?

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