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Handrails & Balustrades

Timber Handrails and Balustrades

14 March 2016

Timber handrails and balustrades may be common, but they also offer extensive variety and a classic finish to indoor and outdoor timber stairs and decking. The versatility, strength and natural beauty of timber makes it the ideal material choice for external handrails and balustrades.

With so many types and profiles to choose from, there is guaranteed to be a combination that suits your style and property. If you’re after something completely unique, the Sunstate Timbers custom timber handrails and balustrades service is the perfect fit for you!

Timber Handrails

There are over 100 handrail profiles available, with most profiles available for supply in your choice of around 20 different timber species. Red gum is most common for outdoor timber stairs and handrails including decking handrails. Some of the most common handrail profiles include:

  • Bread Loaf — cross section resembles the shape of a load
  • Dowel — classic rounded style
  • Oval — similar to dowel, yet wider
  • Bullnose — wider and flatter than oval
  • Pencil round — standard plank-look
  • Victorian — resembles handrails of that era
  • Monorail — similar to oval
  • Lady’s Waist — resembles a silhouette of lady’s waist
  • Colonial Lady’s Waist — resembles handrails of that era
  • Reb/Bot/Rail

Timber Balustrades

Timber is a versatile, strong and dependable material for balustrades that is beautiful, maintenance free and inexpensive. Timber balustrades are often carved into different shapes and can be quite ornate or elegantly simple.

  • Plain treated baluster
  • Turned treated baluster
  • Chamfered treated baluster — cut away (a right-angled edge or corner) to make a symmetrical sloping edge
  • Edwardian baluster — reproductions of balusters of the time period
  • Colonial baluster — reproductions of balusters of the time period
  • Fluted Victorian baluster— square fluted and chamfered on each corner
  • Bevelled baluster — sloping edges
  • Mediterranean baluster — reproductions of balusters that you may see in countries that border the Mediterranean sea.

Some examples of wood for indoor balustrades include pine, cedar, mahogany and eucalyptus but your choices are virtually unlimited. The timber for external balustrades should be free of any major strength reducing features and be straight grained for durability.

Species for outdoor balustrades include: Blackbutt, Rose Gum, Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Merbau, Yellow Stringybark and Tallowwood.

Custom Timber Handrails and Balustrades

Sunstate Timbers has the expertise, resources, facilities to make the custom handrails and balustrades to perfectly suit your home or property. Our custom service provides a lot more scope when it comes to design options for high quality timber handrails, in assorted profiles and sizes to suit any decor, leaving you with an entirely unique home feature made in classic, durable and warming timber.

Need Handrails and Balustrades in Brisbane?

Sunstate Timbers, Deception Bay, have provided customers with quality wood supplies for customers across Brisbane. If you’re looking to buy quality timber, take a look at our splendid range at our lumber yard.

For more information about timber handrails and balustrades or if you need custom designed timber handrails and balustrades, contact the Sunstate Timbers team on (07) 3171 8430 or via our online form.