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Building a Fence

How to build a fence

14 March 2016

Are you renovating and interested in building a fence? Perhaps you’re replacing an old fence that didn’t stand the test of time? Before you start building, its important to properly plan the fence, including deciding on the style. With the right materials and resources, your fence will be durable and precise.

Planning the fence

When planning the fence you will need to select the location, style and height of the fence. Do you want to add a gate? Or maybe a letterbox?

You will also need to check with your local council if you require a permit for fence, as there may be certain regulations and requirements affecting your preferred style and placement of the fence on your property. Most cities require a building permit to install a fence. Electrical, gas and sewer lines and water mains are buried at the levels you will be digging to. When you apply for a permit, the council will check and inform you of any areas where it is unsafe for you to dig. In may also be wise to have a registered surveyor conduct a site survey to ensure that the fence will be on the correct boundaries of you property.

After your plan is complete and permits secured, it’s time to gather materials.

Choosing the materials

For the fence to be built correctly and to increase durability, it is important that you select the right timbers for outdoor use. If you use the best woods and treat them well, a wood fence can last 20 years or more. These timbers will last for a long time even when buried in the ground and exposed to various weather elements when used in a picket fence: treated pine, Cyprus pine, jarrah, hardwood and red gum.

Just as important is selecting the correct sizes for the different members. Remember to always measure all lengths twice before cutting to ensure uniformity in your pickets.

Fence height is important in the early stages, as it determines things like post hole depth. Typical sizes for a fence of 1.5 metres in height are:

  • 100 x 75mm posts
  • 100 x 38mm rails
  • 150 x 25mm plinth
  • 90 x 22mm pickets

Necessary tools:

  • String Line
  • Spirit Level
  • Spade
  • Hammer
  • Galvanised nails
  • Tape Measure
  • Circular Saw
  • Chisel
  • Premix concrete or cement-soil mix

Other handy hints

Using a paint or stain on a timber fence enhances the appearance of the fence and provides protection from weather. It is best to leave painting or staining the fence for a few months after completion to allow the timber to weather slightly and for any natural shrinkage to take place.

To prolong the fence life further, treat the ends and all notches in the timber with a water repellent formulation. Armed with this information, you are ready to build a long-lasting timber fence!

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