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Why Fencing?

5 Reasons Why Fencing Is Right for Your Home

14 March 2019

Adding a fence to your home has a wide range of benefits, not only in a practical sense, but also aesthetically. Fence palings are easy to build and install, and if they are made from high quality materials will stand the test of time for years to come. Here are the five top reasons for fencing your home.

1. Increased Security

Building a fence around your home will increase safety and security. It will not only prevent trespassers from coming onto your property; it will also prevent young children and pets from running onto the street into harm’s way. Adding a fence will help keep your family safe and allow your young children and pets to play outside without getting hurt.

2. Increased Privacy

Adding a fence to your property lends an increased sense of privacy. Whether you are inside your house or relaxing in your backyard, a fence can prevent people from peeking in and disturbing your peace. A fence will especially come in handy if you have a hot tub or pool in your backyard.

3. Clear Property Delineation

A fence will help clearly delineate your property boundaries, preventing any disputes with your neighbours. This is particularly important if you own a large piece of land. Fencing your property boundaries will also come in handy if you are ever thinking of large-scale landscaping and renovation projects.

4. Visual Appeal

Well maintained fencing made from high-quality materials add a great deal of visual appeal to any property. Depending on your landscaping preferences and the way your home is designed, a fence can help add character to the overall look and feel of your property.

5. Improved Property Value

As a result of all the previously mentioned benefits of adding a fence to your home, fencing also increases the value of any property. If you have high-quality fencing around your property, future buyers will look upon this favourably, because not only is the property clearing delineated, but it is also secure, private and aesthetically appealing.

Plan Your Fencing Project

Are you convinced that adding a fence to your home is greatly beneficial? If you’re planning a timber fencing project, make sure to pick the right materials to suit your needs. Carefully plan your fencing project depending on the purpose of your fence, any local regulations, your personal preferences, and the look and feel of your home. If you don’t know where to start, the expert team at Sunstate Timbers is always ready to provide you with useful advice, tips and tricks.

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