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Protecting your deck

Varnishes, Stains and Treatments

14 September 2019

If you’ve recently installed a hardwood timber deck and think it looks great, just wait until you’ve given it a few coats of Finish! Varnishes, stains and treatments can make your deck look absolutely fantastic, but they can also offer benefits beyond aesthetics.

By choosing the right treatment for your decking timber, you can help protect it from the harsh sun and humidity. If you want to enjoy your hardwood decking area for years into the future, you may want to consider a treatment or varnish. Sunstate Timbers have collected some handy hints to remember when you’re planning to treat your deck to a fresh coat of varnish or stain!

Protect Your Deck from Grime and Weather Damage

You wouldn’t go out in the rain without an umbrella, so why should you leave your deck at the mercy of the elements? There is a myriad of products available that can help you protect your deck from the unpredictable Brisbane’s climate. Many products work to waterproof your deck, creating a seal that keeps out moisture from rain or humidity. This is an absolute must if you want to avoid mould and rotting. Some products can even provide a protective barrier against wear and tear, helping your deck appear brand new for longer.

Create a Unique Look with Stains

If you think you deck is looking a little faded and tired, don’t be concerned. Even quality decking timber can lose its lustre over time. Thankfully, there are great range of stains on the market to help breathe new life into your deck. Stains are available in a huge range of colours to you can perfectly match your deck to your house. You can choose the opacity of your stain, from a subtle stint to a completely opaque colour wash.

Can I DIY my Decking Treatment?

If your deck is constructed using quality timber, it should be easy to maintain for years to come. Treating your deck with a stain or varnish is something every homeowner can do with relative ease. There are a great range of products on the market that make it simple and convenient to give your deck a makeover. Make sure you prepare your deck before applying any products. Clear away all furniture and decor and give your deck a thorough cleaning, but ensure it’s completely dry before you begin!

Oil or Water Based Treatments?

Once you start shopping around for timber decking treatments, you’ll notice that most products are either labelled as water based or oil based. However, which is the best choice? Oil based products offer deeper penetration and could be more durable, but they take longer to dry and don’t offer the same opacity as water-based products. Water based treatments are quicker to dry, easier to clean up and are non-flammable. Experts agree that the quality difference between the two is completely negligible, so the choice is yours! Just make sure the product you choose is appropriate for your deck’s timber.

Need Hardwood Timber Supplies?

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We are experts when it comes to maintaining your timber deck. For more information about hardwood timber decks, contact your local timber merchants at our lumber yard on (07) 3171 8430 or via our online form for quality advice.