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Decking Oasis

Turn Your Decking into Your Very Own Oasis

14 July 2019

Once you’ve built a hardwood decking area for your home, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the gorgeous Brisbane weather. Don’t be one of those people who never uses their deck; make the most of your brand-new outdoor space. With a few accessories, your deck will become your new favourite place to relax, entertain and catch up with the family.

If you’re struggling for decor inspiration, look no further! Sunstate Timbers, Brisbane have listed some great ideas to help you turn your decking into your very own private oasis.

Outdoor Furniture for Relaxing and Entertaining

Why build outdoor timber decking if you’re just planning on leaving it bare? There are a great range of outdoor furniture options available to help you relax and have fun. If you love entertaining, why not invest in an outdoor dining set? You can bring the dining room outdoors and host a dinner party with enough room for the whole family. If you just want to watch the sun rise with your coffee and newspaper, you could furnish your deck with a comfortable weatherproof lounger; perfect for lazy weekends.

Add Some Natural Style with Plants and Greenery

Plants are a cheap and effective way to add some natural style to your deck. Whether you choose some potted palms or some climbing vines, it’s easy to create a green oasis on your deck. If you love cooking up a storm on the barbecue, why not plant a herb garden? Adding fresh herbs is a great way to brighten up those supermarket sausages or burgers! Always make sure you choose plants that can thrive in Brisbane’s climate. Some plants are more suited to indoor environments, so ask an expert if you’re unsure.

Outdoor Decor

With a bit of creativity, you can create a gorgeous decking area that reflects your unique personality. Add some shade with a colourful umbrella or create privacy with some breezy curtains. For a gorgeous centrepiece, why not invest in some outdoor art? There are a range of weatherproof artworks available, from eye-catching sculptures to stunning feature paintings. You could even commission a local artist to create a piece just for you! Whatever you choose to decorate your deck, make sure all your accessories are waterproof and weatherproof. You don’t want a summer storm ruining all your hard work!

Decking Accessories for Added Luxury

Have you ever flicked through a landscaping magazine and become inspired by all those luxury decks? It’s time to make your decking dreams a reality. If you love having your friends over all year round, why not install a fire fit or built-in barbecue? You can entertain and keep warm at the same time! For added extravagance, you can even mount a television on your deck. Imagine watching your favourite sport from the comfort of your own hardwood deck.

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