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Paling Fence Supplier

Trying to Find a Paling Fence Supplier?

29 December 2017

Whether you’re a homeowner, a fencing contractor or a builder, finding a good fencing supplier can be very much an acquired taste. That’s particularly the case with paling fences, which can be anything in quality terms from basic (and very unimpressive) timber boards to real, top quality, excellent timbers.

Sourcing Paling Fence Timbers – Risks

There are some possible liabilities when choosing paling fence timbers, and they’re not as obvious as you might think. Timber quality is a major issue:

  • Basic boards may look good in the pictures online, but they’re nowhere near as good as high quality timber fencing. If you’re looking at pine fencing, you need top quality fencing, and that’s the whole story.
  • These low grade timbers are notorious for warping, splitting, and deterioration. They’re basically useless in the Australian climate. They simply do not last, and really don’t deliver value.
  • You can start off with a nice-looking fence and in a few years, have something that looks very much like those poor, dilapidated old fences you still see around Australia, with added maintenance issues. Low grade timbers weather very badly and don’t keep their appearance for long.
  • Low grade timber is just not good enough, and it’s potentially far more expensive than it looks. These inferior quality paling fences cost more in maintenance, and ultimately in replacement, than top quality timbers.

Some Australian fencing contractors will even try to be polite when confronted with low quality fencing timbers. They’re just trying to be nice. In practice, they wouldn’t even consider using these alleged fencing timbers on a bet. They don’t use anything but the very reliable, long-lasting, Australian Standard timbers, and that’s all there is to it. You get what you paid for.

Finding a Good Supplier

The best way to find a good supplier for paling fences is pretty straightforward:

  1. Find a local specialist fencing supplier. Good fencing suppliers simply won’t stock inferior quality timbers. They don’t like low quality timbers either, and nor do their customers, particularly trades customers. As a local supplier, they’re instantly accessible for contract supplies, too.
  2. The specialist suppliers have a better range of fencing timbers. That’s another good practical reason for only dealing with the professionals. You will find a great range of different types of top quality Australian Standard fencing timbers from which to choose.
  3. Quality means more than just the timbers. When you’re working with timber experts, quality standards extend to quality of service as well as quality of materials and prices. A good source is good business.
  4. For homeowners and DIYers, specialist suppliers are the best option. Sourcing your fencing from these suppliers protects homeowners and DIYers from the risks of inferior quality timbers. You’ll also get all the help, support, and practical advice you need.

Trying to Source Top Quality Paling Fencing in Brisbane?

Sunstate Timbers, Deception Bay, have provided customers with quality wood supplies for customers across Brisbane. If you’re looking to source paling fencing in Brisbane, contact us today. We have excellent fencing timber for you right now.

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