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Sustainable Timber

The Responsible Harvesting Practices Changing the Timber Industry

the responsible harvesting practices
14 December 2019

Many of us are concerned about the environment. All over the world, ancient forests are being harvested for a variety of industrial uses, destroying the habitats of native animals. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In the last few decades, the timber industry has been making some steps towards responsible harvesting. Whether it’s through the use of sustainable forests or selective logging strategies, timber producers worldwide are beginning to adopt some of these responsible harvesting practices. This means a reliable timber industry, a thriving ecosystem, and happy native animals.

Sustainable Forests

In the past, timber producers simply tore down as many trees as they felt like without thinking of future generations. This practice has led to native animals all over the world become displaced and, in some cases, extinct. Thankfully, producers are increasingly turning to sustainable forests to source their wood. Sustainable forests are areas with trees specifically grown for loggers. These forests often feature fast-growing trees with superior strength. With clever management and organisation, these forests will continue to provide enough wood for the construction industry for years into the future.

Selective Logging

Selective logging is another way timber producers can access enough wood without causing irreversible damage to the environment. Selective logging involves the felling of only a small selection of trees in any given area. This leaves the surrounding trees and local fauna undisturbed, softening the overall impact on the ecosystem. When planned and executed properly, a selective logging strategy can help forests grow and thrive while still providing enough wood to meet industry demands.

Cleaner, Greener Harvesting

Historically, harvesting equipment has pumped harmful gases and chemicals into our environment. Even after forests are logged, the effects of the timber industry can linger. However, timber industry leaders are adopting cleaner methods of harvesting. These days, modern machinery offers increased efficiency as well as reduced emissions. This means less pollution choking native plants and animals. Some producers are even taking steps to involve the local community in harvesting practices. With new scientific breakthroughs occurring every day, perhaps we can look forward to a future where the timber industry produces zero emissions!

What You Can Do

It may seem like there’s nothing we can do on an individual level to make difference. In reality, you do have power as a consumer. When building your deck, there are a few actions you can take to help protect our forests and native creatures. Try to buy local wherever you can. Purchasing local, sustainably sourced decking timber will encourage investment in the area.
Ask your supplier about the origin of their timber. If you suspect it may have been unethically sourced, take your business elsewhere.

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