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Landscape Timber Facts

Looking for Landscape Timbers? Check Out These Facts

15 October 2017

The most important thing to remember about any form of landscaping construction, anywhere in Australia – is that top quality timbers MUST be used.

There are a lot of very solid, practical reasons for this:

  1. The Australian environment will destroy cheap timber like a kid eating potato chips, and about as fast. Don’t even think about using substandard timbers, or “nice-looking” timbers which should really be used indoors for cupboards, or at least a job they can actually Australia’s unique combination of extreme heat, wet seasons, and surprisingly high levels of frost will destroy inferior quality timbers almost immediately. The timbers will crack, split and fall to bits, taking the construction with them. To add insult to injury, they’ll also cost a fortune to replace and rebuild.
  2. Untreated timbers simply can’t survive. Untreated timbers don’t have a chance. Even if they survive the climate, fungi, termites and borers will take them apart in a stunningly short time. These timbers (especially boards) will also usually react badly to moisture, and warp immediately. They will then promptly fall to bits, at the price of whatever these timbers cost you. Not really where you want to be, is it?
  3. The best timbers for landscaping are treated Australian hardwoods: Treated timbers are super tough, particularly the Australian hardwoods, and they’ll last for decades with almost no maintenance. These hardwoods can be used for just about any type of construction with confidence. They’re also excellent for load-bearing construction purposes. Treated pine is great in many roles, and the hardwoods can be used for just about any purpose.
  4. Major structures like retaining walls need top quality supports. The big hardwoods are great in this role. You can put in a retaining wall using these timbers, and it will simply last forever. You may never even need to think of doing any further work on them. If you install them correctly.
  5. Using top quality timbers reduces the risk of “collateral damage”. The problem with low grade timbers is that they don’t just fall to bits. They also weaken, expose and damage anything to which they’re attached. Like any type of construction, it only takes one gap in the structure to start causing more problems.

Selecting Top Quality Landscaping Timbers

There’s a simple way to make sure you find the right top quality landscaping timbers and everything else you need:

  • Always source your timbers from specialist landscaping timber suppliers. These suppliers provide all sorts of timber for professional landscapers. They are familiar with all types of landscaping timber, and they only stock the best for their quality-conscious professional market.
  • Specialist suppliers are timber experts. They can help you with selecting timbers for your landscaping work, and they can also show you a bigger range of choices. You can also source other major assets for your exterior like decking timber, fencing, etc., too.

Looking for Top Quality Landscaping Timber in Brisbane?

Sunstate Timbers, Deception Bay, have provided customers with quality wood supplies for customers across Brisbane. If you’re looking to buy timber, take a look at our splendid range at our lumber yard. We also offer help in timber selection and practical guidance with sourcing your landscaping supplies.

For your instant solution for all types of landscaping timber, decking timber and fencing, contact the Sunstate Timbers team on (07) 3171 8430 or via our online form for quality advice.