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Get a Home Makeover

Get a Home Makeover for 2018

14 May 2018

A home makeover can be surprisingly easy, and a lot of fun. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do, or have, in your home? A bit of thought, and some more fun hunting for what you want, can easily deliver for you.

A home makeover is really more about planning and making decisions for your home than any major issues getting what you want. Let’s start with the theory and move on to how to do the makeover of your dreams.

Home Improvements Basics

The secret to a good home improvement is that it’s a real improvement. It delivers exactly what you want, adds value, and is perfect for your home and lifestyle.

Consider a basic, but big, and valuable, home improvement, like a new deck. Decking is one of the best ways of creating space around your home. A good deck lasts forever, rarely if ever needs maintenance, and can be a fabulous place for entertaining, lazing around, or a fun space for the family, with some added privacy.

This is also the planning stage of your home makeover, and decisions can be made with the future in mind. A good deck can also be a deal maker for some homes, if you want to sell. This is real built-in value, and any buyer will recognise that value. If you check out some of the fabulous new “modern Queenslanders” on the market, you can see exactly how useful and how genuinely practical a big, beautiful deck can be.

Your deck is also a home upgrade, in multiple ways. The logic of getting a deck is looking pretty good, isn’t it? Now comes the fun bit.

Getting Your Home Makeover

Sticking with the deck as the basic makeover idea:

You can now add things like a barbecue, outdoor furniture, privacy screens, and playpen for kids, and, well, everything else you want, that you now have an excuse to get. Yes, a home makeover can be tough, can’t it?

The next step is sourcing everything you want for your deck. This, you’ll be pleased to know, is a lot easier than people seem to think.

  1. Sourcing your deck: With any and all home makeovers, go straight to the professionals for ANY type of construction work. Your experts will solve any onsite issues and be able to help you with all the practical stuff.
  2. Costs and prices: When it comes to decks, there’s another good reason to go to the specialists – you’ll save a lot of money. Your decking suppliers, like all good home improvements suppliers, can give you an accurate idea of prices, cost choices, and everything else you need to know before making a financial commitment.
  3. Organising everything: The third, and critical, part of a home makeover is staying organised. This is another thing your pro suppliers can do; set up a time frame to deliver your home makeover. The top professionals make everything look easy, and better still, they make sure it IS easy for you.

You’ve got your deck! Enjoy!

Looking for Timber for Your Home Makeover in Queensland?

Sunstate Timbers, Deception Bay, have provided customers with quality wood supplies for customers across Brisbane. We have decking, fencing, and everything you need for your makeover. 

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