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How to Find the Right Australian Timber Decking

15 December 2017

Australian hardwoods are extremely tough, and suitable for any building role. Ever since people first started building in Australia, the superior quality of Australian timbers have been very obvious. Unlike foreign timbers, Australian timbers are simply better for strength and durability.

They’re also much better than other timbers for outdoor construction in our unforgiving climate. These timbers will last for decades with basically little maintenance. They respond well to heat and cold, and with proper treatment, are pest-free. They’re the best all-round solution for Australian conditions.

When it comes to top quality timber decking, that must-have exterior feature of so many Australian homes, it’s no contest. Australians are fussy about decking timbers, with good reason. Whether you live in a fabulous Queenslander on the coast, or a beautiful home in the bush, Australian timbers are the most ideal option for decking. Only Australian timbers can deliver the right mix of extreme durability, good looks, and absolutely reliable performance over decades.

How to Find Top Quality Australian Timber Decking

When you first see choices of decking online, you’ll likely find more than you actually need. You’ll also see some “interesting” sales pitch information which doesn’t necessarily tell you the slightest useful thing about anything you actually need to know.

There’s an easy way to get through all this non-information to find the perfect timber for your deck:

  1. Look for Australian timber names. Spotted gum, Merbau, and Pacific Jarrah and Australian Standard treated pine decking are the top options. It’s not easy to choose, but you’ll have fun finding what you want, and seeing the best of the best.
  2. Australian treated pine is made from Australian pines, and is manufactured to Australian Standards and quality requirements. These timbers are excellent, and well proven as top quality decking in all Australian environments.
  3. Ignore the imported timbers. As beautiful as some of those timbers are, they’re just not in the same league as Australian timbers, particularly in outdoor roles.
  4. Talk to specialist timber suppliers. You’ll get all the information you need, translated from sales pitches to practical value for homeowners.

Timber Selection and Purchasing

When you’re choosing Australian timbers, you’ll get a truly fabulous range of choices. Take a little time to really study all your choices. What look do you want? Do you want those elegant smooth beams which seem to be inescapable on lifestyle shows, or really big, tough timbers? How about modular decking, aka timber composite? With Australian timber decking, you can choose whatever you want, and you know you’ll be getting great decking.

When purchasing, you can expect at least one pleasant surprise – the right timber decking really isn’t very expensive at all. Your budget won’t take a hit, even on a large deck.

There are other ways of saving money on your Australian timber decking, too. If you’re a DIYer, you can choose between treated pine and composite decking. They are very easy to work with, and can save you labour costs.

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