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Engineered timber better?

What Are Engineered Timber Beams and Why Are They Better Than Other Options?

29 November 2017

Engineered timber beams are part of a quiet revolution in timber technologies in recent years. “Engineered” means that these timber products are made in layers, rather than being simply single boards or beams of wood. The process involves using glue to add precision cut layers of timber to the central core piece. This effectively laminates and reinforces the timbers.

These engineered timbers are known as GluLam timbers, short for Glue Laminated. Architect Designs pushing boundaries beyond the strength of standard timber.

Strength, Preservation and Looks

Engineered timbers add significant value to beams in particular. Some time ago, as far back as Tudor times, single timber beams were used as supports. These timbers are so tough and strong that many of the originals survive in England to this day. In the US, this type of timber is also used in new homes, often for major supports like exposed roof beams and other timber design features.

As beautiful as these timbers are, they weren’t designed to deal with the load stresses placed upon modern building supports. In big modern homes and commercial buildings, particularly multi-storey buildings, the need is for exceptional strength and reliability. GluLam delivers that added strength for beams.

The other problem with single un-engineered beams is that they’re also vulnerable to stresses over time. GluLam is the solution to this issue. Reinforced timbers like GluLam have added support to protect them against these stresses. You can see why GluLam is starting to be considered best practice for beams. These very long life timber beams are almost totally maintenance-free.

GluLam also offers some major aesthetic benefits. Selected timbers like hardwoods can be added to strong beams using GluLam to make them look truly magnificent.

Customised Engineered Timber Beams

A further advantage of engineered timber beams like LVL beams is that they can be easily customised to size, according to design needs. In modern design, the vast range of new CAD architectural designs requires flexibility of size and scale, and that’s exactly what engineered timber beams deliver. Whether you’re building a huge new open plan home or intricately designed architectural masterpieces, engineered timbers can perform any job in any role.

Engineered Timber and The Future

You can see why engineered timber beams are now considered best practice options for home building, renovation, and extensions. The combination of design versatility, added strength and good looks in engineered timber beams have convinced architects and builders of their superior value across many different roles.

Using top quality timbers, the net effect of engineered timber beams is to make good beams into great beams. These engineered beams look fantastic and deliver very high practical value in critical support areas. The future of building is engineered timber.

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