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To Deck or Not?

To Deck or Not to Deck?

14 August 2018

There are decks, and then there’s great decking. If you’re thinking about a deck, it’s well worth doing your homework on what’s possible with good decking. You’ll be astonished at what you can achieve, with a bit of expert guidance, design and planning.

Decking Essential Design Concepts

Decking has a few core design concepts:

  • Creating space: A good big deck can give you a LOT of living space. It’s like a house extension or big patio. Decking can be enclosed, covered, or simply screened to taste for privacy. Some decks are so big they’re like an extra living room.
  • Organising your outdoor space: As well as creating the space, your deck can deliver a truly great outdoor area for entertaining, de-cluttering, and more. Think about your perfect outdoor space; that’s exactly what the right deck can do for your home.
  • Decking with space underneath: The great added extra with second floor decking is adding covered space below your deck. This type of decking is very popular, creating a lot of added cubic space below the deck. Many people use the covered space underneath for anything and everything. It’s great use of outdoor space which otherwise wouldn’t exist, in so many ways.
  • Adding value and getting value for money: There’s no doubt at all about the strong positives for this issue. Decking is a major asset for any home, simply because it creates much more space. If you’re looking at a home upgrade, decking can add value, and stay within you budget. Decking can be made to order to any configuration, at a good, affordable price.

Not too hard to see why decking is so popular in Australia, is it? Homeowners don’t need too much encouragement to add a deck these days, particularly with a hyperactive housing market.

Getting Your Deck

Best practice for getting your deck is a checklist of things to do:

  • Take a good hard look at your design options: Custom decking isn’t hard to do; it’s getting the perfect deck that’s important. Check out decking online, preferably by exploring specialist decking companies.
  • Talk to your builders: They’ll keep everything on track, and make sure you get everything right. These professionals know how to manage times, costs, and all the technical issues, too.
  • Make sure you’re using only top quality Australian decking timber: Good decking timber is very durable, super-tough, and will need very little maintenance at all. Australian timber is much better in our moody climate.
  • Talk to your decking suppliers: Decking suppliers are your instant source for practical information, particularly about prices. You’ll get a clear picture of costs, times, and materials.

Ask Sunstate Timbers about Decking in Queensland

The place to go for decking in Queensland is Sunstate Timbers. Browse our range of decking, and talk to our decking specialists about your dream deck.

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