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Timber Fencing Problems

Most Common Problems with Timber Fencing

14 September 2018

Timber fencing problems vary from a few tatty palings to a major building exercise. As a rule, you won’t ever have much trouble with a properly built fence, but there’s always the exception. Time, neglect, and terrain can cause problems. We’re going to give you a few useful tips about fencing issues and solutions.

The Big Problems

Everyone’s seen a timber fence that looks like it’s on its last legs. The fence is really dilapidated, leaning, or perhaps actually falling to bits before your eyes. The timber looks terrible, rotten, or weathered to a grey colour. These problems are a virtual map of fencing issues:

  • Leaning fences: The fence posts and structure have moved, or the supports have come loose, so the fence is basically collapsing under its own weight. Gravity is destroying the fence. Structural work is required, and in some cases, it’s simpler to just replace the fence rather than try to fix the mess.
  • Dilapidated fences: The usual state of a neglected fence is a result of people doing nothing about the fence, sometimes for decades. The fence can also take thousands of dollars off the value of your property, as potential buyers calculate the cost of fixing it. Some repair jobs are quick and easy for experienced fencers, BUT – If the fence is really looking like a train wreck, the fencers will tell you that you’d be better off with a brand new fence.
  • Fence posts and supports: A variation on the theme is the fence that looks OK, but is out of line or seems to be collapsing, with fence posts all over the place. These are support issues. If a fence isn’t properly supported, only one thing can happen; the fence will sag. You’ll have a great looking fence on an angle which looks truly awful. Some fences just aren’t built very well, and they need to be properly supported with posts and rails.
  • Drainage: Some fences are put in areas with a lot of clay or sandy soil, where heavy rain and poor drainage will undercut them. You’ll see gaps under the fence, which also means your supports may be compromised sooner or later. These gaps can also let in animals like rats, so fixing the fence is a good move.

Fencing Solutions

The most important thing to know about fencing problems is that the best solution is the one which delivers a good, solid, properly built fence. Half-baked repairs, in fact, are the main cause of fences falling to bits. The best options are to do a thorough job of repair, of replace the fence.

The other critical issue for property owners is to recognise the value of a good fence. Good fencing looks good, creates an effective barrier, and adds value. Whether you’re the owner of a rural property or a suburban home, the best fix is a well-built, no-nonsense fence that will last for decades with almost no maintenance.

When repairing or replacing a fence, also consider the opportunities. You can add some privacy, a gate or two, and your inner space will have a major asset with which to work, with landscaping, backyard features, or whatever you want.

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