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Handrails & Balustrades

Caring for Timber Handrails and Balustrades

28 June 2016

Timber handrails and balustrades are a lovely addition to any home. They provide a warm, lived-in feeling that only wooden features of a house can provide. Their sleek, natural finish looks fantastic and the feeling of running your hands down a wooden rail is second to none. However, like any wooden product, you’ll need to make sure to maintain your timber handrails and balustrades so that they look great and last longer.


Make sure to dust your timber handrails and balustrades at least once a week. This will make your rails and your home look and feel fresher, but there are other important benefits too. A collection of dust can leave behind deposits that build up and end up scratching the surface of your wood. Make sure you you’re your balustrades and rails carefully and thoroughly. Avoid scattering dust into the air as it will just fall back on your surfaces.


You’ll want to regularly clean your handrails and balustrades, but avoid using water or all-purpose cleaning sprays on wood. If there is a sticky spot, you can use a cloth that’s been dipped in a mild detergent and squeezed nearly dry. Once you’ve wiped the spot, immediately dry it with a soft cloth.

For regular cleaning, use specific oil polishes, cleaners and furniture oils to protect the wood by creating a slippery surface. If you buy commercial sprays, they’ll have silicone oil in them that protects the wood. If you need advice about the ideal cleaning products for your wood, be sure to talk to a professional.

Re-Coating and Staining

If you use your handrails quite frequently, you should add extra coats of oil, stain, paints and water seal. External balustrades only need a coat once a year. Use a timber conditioning treatment and polish, or else bees wax or some natural oils. Don’t use pure olive oil.

Wax Paste

Manufacturers usually apply a varnish or shellac over the wood in order to protect the surface. To protect that finish and reduce scratches, apply a wax paste that will give you a hard finish with long-lasting protection. This is even more durable than sprays and polish; they can even last up to two years. If applied correctly, you can get rid of streaks and cloudy appearances. You should apply wax in light coats and rub with the grain.

The best way to apply paste wax is to take a spoonful of wax and wrap it in a piece of cotton fabric. Rub the ball until it’s nice and soft, then apply it to the wood and rub in a circular motion in small increments. Once it’s dried and dulled, wipe off any extra wax using a clean, dry, soft cloth of cotton.

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